Welcome to MoTail 6!

Our premises are staffed and continually monitored 24 hours a day.

We strive to give our guests a great experience while at our resort.  Whenever possible guests in our kennel house have the same routine as they do at home.  Beds, bowls, and toys are provided. We do recommend our overnight guests bring a bed from home.  For added comfort our suites have rubber floors.

Whether they’re here for some play or here for a stay dogs love the MoTail 6.

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Your Dog Will Love Us (and so will you!)

At the MoTail 6 K9 Resort & Fun Park we have drawn on our experience practicing medicine and auto mechanics to design and build a safe fun park that encourages dogs to get in touch with their instincts.  Safety, comfort, and fun is what you will find at the MoTail 6 after enjoying time in our fabulous fun park guests come inside to relax in the air conditioned comforts of our kennel house.  Suites are cleaned and sanitized with UV light daily.  Dog TV is provided for our guests viewing pleasure.

We Love Dogs

We’ve designed our facility with that in mind. We feature an over 16,000 sq. foot play yard and safe clean suites at night. We never charge extra for snuggles.
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Make Your Dog a Star

We have designed a dog yard that encourages dogs to get in touch with their instincts. We love to upload footage of them playing in the park. You can find them on Motail 6 channel on YouTube.
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Questions? The Dogs Are Awaiting Your Call



The Dogs Are Awaiting Your Call

The Perks of Being a Dog

Eat. Play. Sleep. Repeat.

Dog Park

Dogs loooove to run and play! Let them enjoy this one-of-a-kind dog park designed to meet their furriest desires and needs.
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Dog Kennel

Your pup will be excited to pack their bags for a stay in one of our 6 kennels while you get away. Pack their favorite blankie, toy or bedding and let them enjoy luxury!
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