Dog Park Features

By appointment only, must be booked 24 hours in advance, up to 6 appointments an hour.

Touch-less Drink Fountain

One-of-a-kind touch-less easy drink fountain continuous water source for dogs.


Dogs challenge themselves on a lure toy suspended above a pivoting platform as they have fun building strength and balance.

Chase My Tail

Dogs go wild as they chase and swing from lure toys suspended from a 360-degree rotating beam.


Dogs get happy feet as they avoid the bumpers chasing 200 bubbles a minute in our bubble-palooza arena.


High-speed fun! No dog can resist the urge to chase our 3-speed lure around a 3,800 square foot course. Obstacles are optional.

Dog Park Requirements: Health Certificate, Social Media Release, and Up-to-date shot records

Dog Park Cost: $20 per dog, $10 each additional dog

                                                         *limit 2 dogs per human

Dog Kennel

Our kennel house has six large air conditioned suites available for single or double occupancy booking.

Single Night Stay

  • Guests enjoy a 24 hour stay at the MoTail 6 Resort.  Dog Park is included.

The Pack

  • Up to 2 guests from the same household relax together while sharing a suite at the resort.  Dog Park is included.

The Vacation

  • Pay for six days, stay for a week.  Guests take an intermission from the leash and harness with over 16,000 square feet of room to run with dog park style amenities, and clean indoor suites guests get plenty of R & R  ( run and relaxation).

Corporate and professional Stay

  • Corporate and professional stay starts at $750. Special rate of $250/week/guest for 3 weeks or more.

Booking Requirements
Health Certificate, Pet Boarding Contract, Social Media Release, and Daily Schedule (optional)

Required Uploads
Up to date shot records

All dogs must have microchip
No dogs allowed at the facility without microchip and shot records.